The history of Minert/Simonson Angus began when Lowell Minert purchased his first Angus heifer as part of his 4-H project in 1953. He and his wife, Carrol, started the operation in 1964. Lowell had a passion for agriculture and the Angus industry where he served on many Angus and cattlemen boards. Lowell was an intricate part of the daily operations until his passing in 2016.

The Minert legacy continues to be a family operation led by JW & Cindy (Minert) Simonson. Others who assist in the daily functions include Zach Whitenack and Dick Marshall. JW and Cindy have two daughters Shaina and Jaylee who are in college and help when possible. Son Tim Minert and his wife Kim along with their children Alex, Andrea (Anthony) and Alexa live in Scottsdale, Arizona and son Wes Minert with his children Hailey and Landon. Carrol lives on the ranch but also spends time in Colorado and the winter in Arizona.

Minert/Simonson Angus has placed an emphasis on producing quality functioning cattle that perform in the Sandhills environment. This marks the 25th year that JW and Cindy have been involved in the registered business. JW was raised on a Sandhills ranch near Purdum and understands the needs of the commercial cattleman. The mother cows are only feed prairie hay and with supplements of cake and alfalfa similar to our commercial customers. The bulls are developed at the ranch on prairie hay and soy hulls with no creep feed. They are sold in our annual bull sale on the 3rd Saturday in February.

Our operational goals include embracing the evolving changes within the Angus industry by staying focused on producing quality cattle and providing a service to our customers.

JW, Cindy, and Carrol accepting Lowell's induction into the Angus Heritage Foundation.

JW, Cindy, Shaina and Jaylee Simonson

Tim, Kim, Alexa, and Alex Minert
Andrea and Anthony Phillips

Wes, Kelly, Hailey, and Landon Minert